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Eventbrite - 42nd Annual H. Naylor Fitzhugh Conference

Dear Conference Attendees:

On behalf of the African American Student Union at Harvard Business School, we invite you to attend the 42nd Annual H. Naylor Fitzhugh Conference.

We have speakers from all over the world who have chosen to join us this weekend to discuss the most salient issues of our time. Our theme Leadership in an Era of Globalization addresses the issue of how to compete in an increasingly diverse and global business environment. We will:

1. Openly discuss the reigning industry topics of our time across a variety of industries
2. Help each other develop our leadership styles by challenging each other in a constructive and supportive way
3. Converse on how to build and sustain a successful and fulfilling career
4. State diversity statistics today, discuss how those will affect us tomorrow, and how we can change the trajectory
5. Build lasting connections, creating a sense of brotherhood & sisterhood, that will propel our personal and professional lives forward

And so much more!

We want to acknowledge our conference team for their dedication to this effort:

- CFO: Lamar Warren
- Operations: Oneica Greaves & Neil Wusu
- Marketing: Erin Patten
- Sponsors Lead: Jonathan Ingram & Marc Wilson
- Lean Startup Competition: Terrance Story
- Global Leadership Panel: Ralph Johnson, Kevin Stone, & the Bert King Foundation (Mary Ellen Gardner)
- Prospective Students Session: Allyson Pritchett & the Bert King Foundation (Mary Ellen Gardner)
- Marketing/CPG Panel: Nicole Rennalls
- Finance Panel: Sydney Murray, Jerod Pierce, & Lamar Warren
- Technology Panel: Jamie Hanson & Calvin Young
- Social Enterprise Panel: Guy Kamguia & Erin Patten
- Entertainment Panel: Adia Matthews

We also want to thank MBA Clubs, MBA Operations, and Restaurant Associates for their assistance in this very large endeavor! We hope that you enjoy the conference!

Warmest Regards,
Stacie Smith, MBA2014
HBS AASU Co-President
HBS AASU Conference Co-Chair

Creighton Taylor, MBA2014
HBS AASU Co-President
HBS AASU Conference Co-Chair